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A Value-Based Company with Value-Based Products

20+ years ago, Dr. Spencer Holman created an innovative approach to equipping men with the tools to be excellent in every aspect of life.  He created the Fatherhood Academy, and impacted over a million men.   Over time, his work allowed him to see the significant needs men had in achieving excellence in their health.  As a result, he went to his lab and created a safe and effective 100% natural herbal solution, A-Game.  This specially formulated product was designed to improve proper blood flow, strengthen immunity, and increase vitality, energy, strength and libido.

Dr. Spencer Holman created a value-based system, the 10 Life Values, more than two decades ago which has been the guiding principle for how we serve our global community.  The foundation of the 10 Life Values is what our life, and our products and services are built on.  They have consistently transformed people across the United States and around the world, producing numerous stories of those who have gained success and excellence in every area of their lives; as a result of  implementing my system. The distinctiveness and power of the 10 Life Values lie in its precision, yet pliable customization, which accommodates the randomness that stems from our choices, and the ever-shifting existence we call life.  The 10 Life Values offer a different set of lenses to view our whole world, breaking it down into these 10 value components: Spiritual, Health, Family, Appearance, Dwelling, Mobility, Education, Profession, Leisure and Wealth.  The true power of the system is the focus on compartmentalizing and strengthening each value, respecting the role of each distinct yet connected part that is essential to achieve balance and homeostasis.

To motivate people, globally, to strive for excellence in every fundamental area of life.

MEET THE PRESIDENT  ~ CEO & Product Formulator of A-Game
Dr. Spencer J. Holman 

Dr. Holman is a Philosopher, innovative thought leader, CEO of multiple successful companies, and internationally recognized author and speaker. His work is an integral part of universities, judicial systems, schools, churches and many other social environments around the world. He is the creator of the 10 Life Values Philosophy, a personal and relational success system which serves as a blueprint for men to be equipped with processes and tools for success multi-generationally and inter-generationally. He has helped over 1 million men improve their lives, their families and their communities. His best selling books include: Fatherhood Legacy, Fatherhood Academy, The Spiritual Guide, The Wealth Management Guide, and The Black Person’s Guide To Owning A Bentley. Dr. Holman has 4 Doctoral degrees: honorary PhD in Philosophy, of which his 10 Life Values success system is based, honorary Doctorate in Naturopathy, of which his herbal formulations and training series are founded. His honorary Doctorate in Community Development is based on his work of enlightening over 1 million men in the United States and across 26 countries internationally. His earned PhD in Theology encompasses his one-on-one and peer counseling, the creation of his Spiritual Guide and work as a Minister and Chaplain. After deliberately examining his life, understanding his calling and vision, Dr. Holman founded and incorporated his company, Father’s Time, in 1998. This allowed him to manifest his vision of the 10 Life Values Philosophy, which he developed at the youthful age of 18. His mission was clear: motivate men to strive for excellence in every fundamental domain of life, from spiritual growth to wealth creation and management. Prior to founding Father’s Time, Dr Holman’s career began in the United States Marine Corps where he honorably served our country and was presented with several prestigious awards, medals and certificates throughout his career. After retiring from the Marine Corps, Dr. Holman entered another successful career in Mortgage Banking and seized the opportunity to create strategic ways to increase wealth and economic growth in low income and emerging markets. Today after two decades of successfully serving men with the 10 Life Values, these principles are being expanded to serve women and youth.  He has been a change agent in leading people to live a value-based life and make this knowledge accessible to all.

A-Game Owner/Distributer 
Servicing the Atlanta, GA and Sacramento, CA 

Tanya Shelton

Ms. Shelton is a Project Manager by profession and the owner of A-Game, serving the Atlanta, Ga Area.  She was introduced to A-Game by Dr. Holman several years ago and has witnessed the remarkable benefits and affects A-Game has had on so many men; Energy, Strength, Vitality and Libido.  It’s Tanya’s mission to support Dr. Holman’s vision by making sure this incredible herb is available to as many men as possible.