Why Do We Age and Is There Anything We Can Do To Slow The Process?

Why Do We Age and Is There Anything We Can Do To Slow The Process?

From the dawn of man, despite our cultural, ethnic, or historic backgrounds, we have all always had one common enemy: aging. Why do we age? This is a question that has plagued scientists and the average person alike for centuries. Although much of it is a mystery, there are few things researchers have been able to figure out as well as methods to slow down the process. 

What is Aging?

Aging describes the physiological changes we experience over time as we get older. Because of the fact that our cells don’t last forever, the fucntions and structures they support give way over time.

This process takes the form of wrinkling and sagging skin, grey hair, aches and pains, weaker muscles, diseases and sickensses, and lower coginitve abilities.

Scientists are learning more everyday about this process in hops of finding better ways to combat the aging process.

Different Kinds of Aging

Scientists have identified two kinds of aging: intrinsic and extrinsic. 

Intrinsic aging is genetically preditmenied and occurs naturally as the time passes by. Extrinsic aging on the other hand, is aging caused by factors outside the body such as environment, stresses, lifestyle, and habits.

A kind of intrinsic aging is cellular aging which is the literal aging of cells in the body. Since cells are vital to life and can be considered the buolding blocks of the human body, when the get to a point where they have divided so many times that they are older, basic biological process start to fail. This results in aging.

On the flip side, the environsment we live in can also play  huge role in or aging. Factors that may speed up our aging are malnutrition, alcohol consumption, UV (ultraviolet) ray exposure, smoking tabacco, stress, and air pollution.

Theories on Why We Age

There are many schools of thought when it comes to why we age. The general concesus us tha aging is caused by more than one process, as opposed to only one reason. The theories vary and range from the cause being programmed in our DNA, to cellular wear and tear, to cellular prediterminates. Whatever the cause may be, what you’re probably interested in is how you can slow it down.

Can You Slow The Effects of Aging?

Even though we can’t completely halt aging in its tracks, you can slow its effects. This can be done by making some changes to your lifestyle. These can includeL

  • Eating a nutritious diet. Avoid processed foods and too much red meat. Try eating vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and whole grains.
  • Make sure to exercise and stay active. Even just 30 minutes a day every day of the week can improve your quality of life.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol.
  • Do mental exercises. Avoid vegetating all day and do things like reading, puzzles, and problem solving exercises to maintain or improve your cognitive function.
  • Avoid tobacco which has been proven to cause cancer.
  • Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Go to your physician for regular check-ups. This way you can catch most issues before they become a problem.

Why Do Men Age Quicker Than Women?

It’s common for women to out live men. This is usually due to a few biological, environmental, and social factors.

Estrogen, the female sex hormone has been proven to have some immune system boosting and anti-inflammatory effects. This a hormone men have less of.

Secondly, women statistically eat healthier, drive safer, consume less alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. Women also tend to be more health concious in general. With that said, is all hope lost for men? Absolutely not!

How Can A-Game Help?

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The Bottom Line

Aging is a normal part of being human. As we mentione earlier it is probably caused by many reasons most of them being genetic and environmental. Lifestyle changes like eating healthier, exercising, avoiding tobacco and applying sunscreen can slow down the process significantly. Additionally, for men, supplements like A-Game can help them regain energy and vitality in their day-to-day lives. Give A-Game a shot and order your free trial today!